Playing Scientopoly online

There is a Google Docs version or two where you can play with someone remotely. The Google Docs version includes a built-in chat utility, although it is easier to play if you talk aloud over Skype.

The log

One major difference between the online versions and the board versions is that it is necessary online to have a detailed record of play. This does not need to be extensive, but it must include each dice throw and each financial transaction, both the debit and matching credit. This is because it is all too easy to make mistakes (or cheat!), far more so than in an over-the-table game. Below is an example of several consecutive throws from the start and finish of a real 2-player game. The status target for the end of the game was 12. The balances are computed automatically by the spreadsheet, as is the current status total.

See the notes after the table for explanations. Note that the winning throw lands B on A's Edinburgh. B only needs one status increase to win, but first B has to pay A the $3600 Idle Org service fee and B only has $2000 cash. So B has to see if he can raise the remaining $1600 by selling back upgrades and mortgaging property to the bank. This is shown in the next several lines. B ends up raising enough money, pays A the required service donation, receives the service, increases his status to 12 and wins the game from behind.

0   Start of game      6000600050000
1A 3Indies, buy +1 -240 +2405760600050240
2 B2x1Awards, 2    +200-2005760620050040
3 B6Caracas, buy  +1 -480+4805760572050520
4A 3tijuana, buy+1 -480 +4805280572051000
5 B2x1just shunning     5280572051000
6 B2x4hamburg, buy  +1 -600+6005280512051600
7 B4awards, 1    +100-1005280522051500
8A 8london, buy+1 -600 +6004680522052100
9 B3Declared!      4680522052100
10A 3melbourne, buy+1 -1000 +10003680522053100
11 Bx      3680522053100
12A 3los angeles, buy+1 -1000 +10002680522053100
. . .    an hour or so later . . .         
144A 9Go =10=11+1000 -10001060200058940
145 B9edinburgh, pay A first, then status      1060200058940
146 Bxsell 6x upgrades, squirrels at 50%   +600-6001060260058340
147 Bxmtg keokuk    +500-5001060310057840
148 Bxsell 6 upgrades usa    +1800-18001060490056040
149 Bxpay A   +3600-3600 4660130056040
150 BxGet status. WINS!  +1 =12   4660130056040


  1. Line 0. $6000 is a good starting balance, along with $1000 for passing Go. The bank starting balance is arbitrary.
  2. Line 1. A player gets an instant-service status increase if he buys a service property from the bank.
  3. Line 2. All doubles should be shown, not just the dice total. Three doubles in a row sends the player to SP Hole.
  4. Line 2. Show the number of the card, just in case of later questions.
  5. Line 11. No need to note B's actual dice score as it wasn't a double.
  6. Line 146 and following. Sometimes it needs more than one line to make it clear what is happening with complex transactions. Use more than one if necessary. Electrons are cheap.

Google Docs

Google Docs allow the free hosting of spreadsheets which multiple users can read/write simultaneously. Their spreadsheet also includes a chat utility for all users of that spreadhseet at that time, although it is easier to play the game if you can talk to the other player(s) over Skype or similar. Watch the video for details of how to play over Google Docs.

2-player version

Make your own copy of this Google Docs spreadsheet. Save it to your (free) account on Google Docs. Make sure you allow sharing of the document, and send the link to the other player.

5-player version

Make your own copy of this Google Docs spreadsheet. Save it to your (free) account on Google Docs. Make sure you allow sharing of the document, and send the link to the other players. More coordination is needed than with only two players.

3- or 4-player versions

Edit the 5-player version to take out the rows and columns from the log that you don't need, then proceed as before.